Resident Evil Cheats for PS4, Xbox One & PC

The Resident Evil cheats on this page can be used in the remastered version of the first Resident Evil game. The cheats will work for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC versions. They will work with the Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions as well.

Samurai Edge Handgun

There is a secret among hidden in the Resident Evil 1 HD game. That is there is a handgun hidden in the game. The handgun is called the Samurai Edge. To get hold of it, you have to complete the game in under 5 hours on either Normal or Hard difficulties. It comes with unlimited ammo.

Rocket Launcher

One of the unlockables in the game is a rocket launcher. To unlock it, you have to complete the game in under 3 hours on the Normal or Hard difficulties. The rocket launcher will have unlimited ammo.

B1 & B2 Areas

In the lab area of the HD remake, you will be required to enter 3 passwords or cheat codes. Enter John for the first, enter Ada for the second and enter Cell for the third. If entered correctly, you will unlock the B1 and B2 areas.

Use the Resident Evil cheats to complete the game with Jill or Chris.

Once Again Mode

Once you complete the game, you will unlock the Once Again mode. Use it to play the game on another difficulty or complete the game with the other main character.

Real Survivor Mode

By completing the game on Normal difficulty, you will unlock the Real Survivor mode, in which you will find the item boxes are not connected, so the box you place an item in, will be the only box to retrieve the item from.

Invisible Enemy Mode

Complete the Real Survivor mode to unlock another mode and that is the Invisible Enemy mode. The novelty of it is that all the enemies in it are invisible. If you complete it in under 5 hours, you will get a secret message in the credits.

One Dangerous Zombie Mode

This mode is unlocked when both Chris and Jill’s campaigns are completed on the same save file. It allows you to instantly complete the game by killing a zombie version of Forest Speyer.

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