Sonic Colors Cheats for PS4, Xbox One & Switch

The Sonic Colors cheats found below will work with the recently released Sonic Colors: Ultimate game (remaster). That means they will work on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Windows PC versions. They will work with the original Wii edition as well.

Extra Lives

When you complete a level and reach the results screen, begin to use the jump and dash moves on the score numbers and rank grade. Keep doing this and they will break to give you gold rings and extra lives.

Super Sonic

How to get Super Sonic? To get Super Sonic, you must first get all of the 180 red rings that are in the acts or levels. In doing this, you will unlock the remaining Sonic Simulator stages. Then you will need to complete the unlocked and existing Simulator stages (3 to each world). For every 3 stages you complete, you will get a Chaos Emerald. Once you have got all 7 of the Chaos Emeralds, you will unlock the Super Sonic ability. The ability will become enabled when 50 gold rings are collected in an act or level.

The Sonic Colors cheats can be used to unlock extra lives or Super Sonic.


Complete levels/ acts or defeat bosses to unlock cutscenes that are hidden in the game. You can unlock cutscene 02 by completing act/ level 4 or cutscene 04 by defeating the first boss. For some, you will have to defeat bosses before you beat a stage or complete the entire game, while for others, the reverse will be true. The cutscenes in the game total to 30.


In the Switch version, your Mii character can be used in the game. All you have to do is collect 30 of the red rings to make it selectable. Note, your character will only be playable in the Sonic Simulator acts or levels.

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