Sonic Frontiers Cheats for PS5 & PS4

The Sonic Frontiers cheats are listed on this page. They work with the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game. They are compatible with the Xbox SX, Xbox One, Switch and Windows PC versions as well.


There are three useful moves that you can use in the open-world game. The first is the Light Speed Dash or Ring Dash move. You can perform the move by pressing down on your Left Stick. The move will allow you to dash through a path of rings. The second is the Ground Pound. Perform the move by pressing X + Circle. The move will let you dash to the ground. The third is the Drop Dash. To perform it, press X or Jump twice and on the second press, keep holding the button down. This move will make Sonic roll at high speeds.

Use the Sonic Frontiers cheats to unlock the secrets in the game.

Super Sonic

Collect all the Chaos Emeralds to unlock the transformation or ability that turns Sonic into Super Sonic. The transformation cannot be used in the Starfall Islands. It can only be used in the boss fights. You will need to turn into Super Sonic to beat the Giganto, Wyvern, Knight, Supreme and The End bosses.

Secret Boss Battle

There is a secret battle in the final boss battle. To unlock it, you will have to play against the second last or the Supreme boss on the Hard difficulty. The secret battle will be much more difficult and longer than the standard battle is on the Easy or Normal difficulties. If you beat the Supreme boss on the Easy or Normal difficulties, then you will just get the standard battle. The final quick time events, cutscene and credits will not change for any of the difficulties.

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