Street Fighter 6 Game for PS5, Xbox SX & PC

The Street Fighter 6 game is discussed in this post. It is discussed in 4 areas: release date, characters, mechanics and visuals.

Release Date- The release date for the new Street Fighter game has been confirmed and will be on June 2, 2023. It will be released for the PS5, Xbox SX, and Windows PC platforms, as will it be released for the Arcade.

Characters- The game will have a total of 18 characters in its roster. These are Blanka, Cammy, Chun Li, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Guile, Jamie, JP, Juri, Ken, Kimberly, Lily, Luke, Manon, Marisa, Ryu and Zangief. Ken’s return will have a notable difference, in that he will have a different attire.

Mechanics- There will be a Drive System mechanic in the game. It is essentially a gauge and an important part of the gameplay. It will be available at the start of each round and function with moves like Parry and Impact. This will allow the player to perform more powerful versions of moves. Its purpose is to make each moment of the gameplay feel unique. The other mechanic in the game is the Super Meter. It will work with the Super Art moves, which can increase the player’s Drive Gauge and do the opposite to opponents.

The Street Fighter game will have 18 characters.

Visuals- The visuals will be realistic. By making them realistic, the movements in the upcoming game will look as they would in real life. The moves of characters will be illustrated in a colourful way, so they will have corresponding animations that are like splashes of paint. These paint splashes will be coordinated with the colours associated with each character. The character models will show fatigue and damage. This will make the gameplay more believable.