The Bloop Sea Monster

In the year of 1997, a loud sound was recorded in the Pacific Ocean and on multiple occasions.

The sound was even picked up by sensors that were 3000 to 5000 km away.

What made the sound so extraordinary was that it came from a remote part of the Pacific Ocean. There were no land masses near it and the waters in the region on average were 4300 metres deep.

Many started to attribute the sound to a sea monster, who would be residing in the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean. The monster was called the Bloop sea monster.

This theory gained momentum as some experts confirmed the sound was most likely biological. The audio profile was similar to what you find from other biological creatures.

There was a dilemma, there were no known profiles of sounds from other biological creatures that matched the Bloop sound.

The dilemma favoured the sea monster theory, as if a creature did exist, then it would have to be a sea beast, as the audio profile was much more louder than profiles of other creatures living in the sea, including the blue whale.

A depiction of the Bloop sea monster.

Years later, more sensors were put in the Pacific Ocean. These sensors were able to record more sounds. One of the sounds that they recorded matched that of the Bloop sound. It turned out the sound was actually from an ice quake, when an iceberg broke away from a glacier in the Antarctic.

Despite the official findings, many still believe it belongs to a scary sea monster lurking in the deep sea.