The Cetus Sea Monster

The Cetus sea monster is an unconventional sea monster. There have never been any sightings of the sea monster and no records of it being encountered exist.

So where did the idea of the Cetus sea monster come from? The idea came from the observation of the Cetus star constellation, which forms a pattern or outline that looks like a sea monster.

Fourteen stars are in the constellation and each can be seen in the night sky. The constellation exists in the area known as the water, along with other aquatic themed constellations.

The constellation is named after the sea monster in the Perseus myth, which was called Cetus. It was said to have large jaws and scales all over its serpent like body. This depiction of the creature is used to represent the constellation.

The Cetus sea monster can be seen in this map of star constellations.

Another similar myth is from Norse mythology. It is an end time myth. In the myth, a giant sea monster that surrounds the earth will stop biting its tail. When it does this, the end time events of Ragnarok will begin. These events include a great battle, the world burning and it going completely underwater. The sea monster in the myth is called Jormungandr.