The Kandahar Giant

It has been said by many that there is a giant living in the mountains of Kandahar (Qandahar), Afghanistan.

Considered to be a cryptid and of a humanoid appearance. He is 4 to 5 metres tall. He has red hair and a set of double teeth. There are six fingers on each of his hands. His clothing and footwear consist of animal skins or hides. He carries a large spear and lives in a cave. He is called the Kandahar giant.

Some consider him to be a remnant of the giants that roamed the earth before the great flood. These creatures were called the Nephilim and were theorised to have been created by the fallen angels. Most would have died in the floods, but some, like this giant are said to have survived.

The disturbing thing is he might eat humans. The reason for this is because he is said to smell of dead bodies. Based on his size and the large spear he carries, he is most likely able to eat more than one human at a time. His method would be that of impaling his victims with his spear. The extra finger on each of his hands would make him efficient at doing that.

The Kandahar Giant is said to live in mountains like these.

There have been reports that he is a fictional creature. This is due to the fact that there are no official records of him being encountered. The last supposed encounter was in 2002. Whether real or not, the creature still remains popular amongst enthusiasts of cryptozoology.