The Megalodon Shark

The Megalodon shark was supposedly detected in the Atlantic ocean by the Atlantic Shark Institute in 2022.

The image produced on their scanners matched the description of the prehistoric shark. Based on the image, the Megalodon was approximately 15 metres long and weighed around 40 tonnes. This served as proof that it was still alive.

A few minutes later, it turned out that it was not a Megalodon or even a monster at all, but rather a large school of Atlantic mackerel. That meant the giant shark was still extinct, like it had been for millions of years. Therefore at best, it could only be discussed as a cryptid.

The Megalodon was related to the great white shark, belonging to the same family of megatoothed sharks. This is the shark that its appearance is said to resemble.

Despite having a similar appearance to the great white shark, it had one key difference: it was much bigger in size when compared to the great white shark. On average, its length would have been between 10 and 20 metres.

An illustration of the Megalodon shark.

It is generally considered to be the biggest shark that ever lived. Its jaws alone would have been 3 metres tall and wide. The very reason why its name means big tooth. Many still believe a real Megalodon exists in the oceans, based on other sightings.